Paula Panke Women’s Centre

The Paula Panke Womens Centre …

  • gives help in situations of legal, social, and mental conflict
  • provides protection for women and children who are under domestic abuse
  • informs about politics, science, health and educational matters
  • accompanies different self-help groups
  • promotes communication, cultural education and self-organization
  • offers courses for the improvement of physical and mental health


You will find all these offers at Paule Panke Women’s Centre “under one roof“.

Certified and experienced employees feel obliged to our visitors and their different life situations.

 Some of Paula Panke Women’s Centre projects are

  • Refugees’ home
  • District project Paula-store in Weißensee
  • Culturally artistic event programme
  • Library
  • Workshops and courses

Paula Panke – a good friend

The Women’s Centre Paula Panke inc. was founded in 1990. In those years an enormous shift in the social structures made the inhabitants of Pankow create this new space for women. Since then, the women’s project rooms have been a place for the exchange and a community space for women of all ages, who live and work in the most varied situations. Equal opportunities, social participation and the compatibility between work and family are in the heart of Paula Panke’s philosophy.The need to give advice and to inform, also to look together for new ways, is very important in the course of the rapid change of life and employment just for women.

We finance ourselves by:

  • allowances from the senate administration for economy, technology and women
  • allowances from Pankow district
  • funds from Pankow Jobcenters
  • allowances from the service society zukunft im zentrum GmbH
  • and your donations to the German bank account of Kreditbank AG:

Account No.: 18249276 | Bank Code Number: 12030000 | Account Holder: Frauenzentrum Paula Panke e.V.